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CAD Block Collections

  • £3.00

    Animals (Paid1)

    resized image

    Download this FULL Collection of over 60 CAD Blocks of Animals in Elevation. (AutoCAD 2000 .dwg) Receive a 10% discount when you click and share through your social media network. You can also become an affiliate of by promoting our products on your site and receiving a percentage of sales made through your promotional efforts. Just click the 'buy now' button for more info.....

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  • £8.00

    2D & 3D Playground equipment

    resized image - 2D & 3D Playground equipment

    Download this FULL Collection of over 100  2D and 3D CAD Blocks of PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT. This CAD drawing comprises; Swings, roundabouts, climbin

  • £20.00

    3DS Max motorbike collection

    resized image - 3DS Max motorbike collection

    Download this 3DS MAX MOTORBIKE COLLECTION. This 3DS Max collection includes the following motorcycles; 1912 Henderson model A, Ace motorbike, Bimota,

  • £3.00

    Kitchen Sinks (Paid 1)

    resized image - Kitchen Sinks (Paid 1)

    Download this FULL Collection of over 60 CAD Blocks of Kitchen Sinks. All blocks are saved in AutoCAD 2000 .dwg format.

  • £20.00

    3D Interior design CAD collections

    resized image - 3D Interior design CAD collections

    Download 8 INTERIOR DESIGN 3D CAD Collections fro the PRICE OF 4! Included in this CAD bundle are; 3D WC Collection, 3D Bath and jacuzzi collection, 3

  • £5.00

    Office Furniture (Paid 1)

    resized image - Office Furniture (Paid 1)

    Download this FULL Collection of over 100 CAD Blocks of Office Furniture. Ranging from single desk spaces, to multiple workspaces and b

  • £5.00

    3D Office design CAD collection

    resized image - 3D Office design CAD collection

    Download this 3D OFFICE DESIGN CAD Collection. This Collection includes; Filing cabinets, bookcases, storage cabinets, reception desk layouts with she

  • £10.00

    People plan and elevation collections

    resized image - People plan and elevation collections

    Download these 3 FULL collections of over 300 CAD BLOCKS of PEOPLE in ELEVATION AND PLAN. That is 3 collections for the price of 2! Collections includ

  • £5.00

    Trees Elevation - Autumnal

    resized image - Trees Elevation - Autumnal

    Download this Full collection of over 60 CAD Blocks of Colour Autumnal Trees in Elevation view. (AutoCAD 2000 .dwg) These CAD Bloc

  • £5.00

    Bedroom Furniture Collection

    resized image - Bedroom Furniture Collection

    Download this FULL Collection of over 100 2D CAD Blocks of BEDROOM FURNITURE. This CAD drawing comprises of; Wardrobes, Beds in plan view, beds in ele