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We are an online CAD library with thousands of daily visitors.

You can add your own CAD models to the library. Upload free CAD models to help the CAD community or sell your CAD models to make money.

Please check out how it works below.

If you need further assistance please email us; [email protected]

Create Your Store

Go to 'My Profile tab' upload an avatar
If selling CAD models please enter your Paypal email address so we can pay you. Your store is now open! Now time to add your CAD models

Add your CAD models

Upload your CAD models; We accept most CAD files including; DWG, DXF, 3DS MAX, MAYA, Solidworks, IPT, SKP, RFA, CATIA and more.

What is your CAD model?

Add a description about your CAD model. The more details you add the better chance it will be found on the website.

Make money

Once you have saved your CAD model , it will be added to the library. You will be notified when your item sells. We send payment at the start of each month.(See below for payment terms)

To be able to sell with us please make sure you have an active PayPal account so we can send payments to you.

The commission percentages you will receive for selling your CAD models are listed based on monthly sales;

£0.00 - £99.00 - We pay you 60%

£100.00 - £199.00 - We pay you 75%

Over £200.00 - We pay you 80%


Q. What type of file can I upload to

A. We accept most CAD files type including DWG, DXF, STP, IGES, RFA, SKP, 3DS MAX, Maya, Catia, Solidworks and more.

Q. How many users do you have on the website?

A. We have over 7000 daily visitors, and this number is continually growing!

Q. Why should I use to sell my CAD models?

A. Our website has a huge number of users who are in the CAD industry so you have a very good reach for those users looking for CAD models you are selling.

Q. Is there a minimum payment amount before you send payments?

A. Yes the minimum payment is just £10.00 per month.

Q. Do you accept any other payment the paypal?

A. At the moment it is only PayPal but we are going to introduce other payment options soon.