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CAD Collections Library Volume 2

CAD Collections Library Volume 2

Special Price £149.99 Regular Price £499.99
CAD collections library volume 2 
Special Price £149.99 Regular Price £499.99
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General Information
Published: January 16, 2019

Download this library of CAD blocks.The CAD collections sells separately at over £999.99!! 
The CAD collections library volume 2 includes over 180 individual CAD collections;

2D and 3D People; 4 CAD collections, 2D and 3D staircases: 2 CAD collections,

2D and 3D interior design: 22 CAD collections, 3D Heavy industrial vehicles: 1 CAD collection,

Trees in plan and elevation and colour: 10 CAD collections, Annotation bundle: 4 CAD collections,

Architectural design bundle: 7 CAD collections, Crane and digger bundle: 3 CAD collections,

Industrial kitchen equipment: 1 CAD collection, Garden and landscape design bundle: 2 CAD collections,

2D and 3D gym equipment: 3 CAD collections, 2D and 3D playground equipment: 2 CAD collections

RPM toilets and Wash hand basins: 2 CAD collections, Electrical symbols legend: 1 CAD collection

Transport bundle: 3 CAD collections, 3D bed & wardrobe CAD collections ,3D Kitchen faucet collection,

American Fridge Freezers CAD collection, Artistic tree elevations collection , 
Road signs CAD collections; 4 CAD collections , Awnings CAD collection, Bar Stools CAD collection,

basin cabinets  CAD collection, bathroom mirrors CAD collection , 3D Bathroom sinks CAD collection,
Bedroom wardrobes CAD collection , Bollard CAD blocks collection , Bookcases and bookshelves CAD collection,
BTHDN - Bathroom design CAD collection -Volume 2 ; 7 CAD collections ; Car collection Volume 2,

3D coffee table CAD collection, Columns 3D CAD collection, Commercial Kitchen Sinks ,

Cycle shelters CAD collection, Detailed bathroom designs CAD collection , Door canopies CAD collection,

Door handles CAD Collection 1, Drainage details CAD collection, Dressing tables CAD collection,

Edison Lights CAD collection, Electrical legend volume 2, Electrical schematic symbols CAD collection,

Emergency exit CAD symbols, Faucets CAD Collection 1, Fence Panels CAD collection, 
Filing cabinets CAD collection, Fire CAD symbols collection, Free standing baths CAD collection,
French house design CAD collections 01, Front doors CAD collection, 

Front Entrance Doors_collection 1, Garage doors CAD collection, Garden arches CAD collection,

Garden Benches CAD collection, Garden planters CAD Collection, garden tables CAD collection,

Gate pier caps CAD collection, Gate pier caps CAD collection, Gates CAD Collection 1,

GLASSES COLLECTION, Kitchen handles CAD collection , Hazard warning signs CAD collection,

Healthcare symbols CAD collection, Horizontal radiators_CAD collection 1, 

HVAC equipment symbols CAD collection, Hydraulic circuit CAD symbols collection,

internal oak doors_collection, Juliet balconies CAD collection, Kitchen cooker hoods CAD collection,

Kitchen hobs CAD collection, 3D Kitchen island & dining set, Kitchen Tiles CAD collection,

kitchen utensils CAD collection, Lighting symbols legend CAD collection, 

log stores CAD collection, Map symbols CAD collection, Metal Driveway Gates CAD Collection,

Metal Side Gates CAD Collection 1, 3D modern toilets & basins CAD collection, 

Office Chairs CAD collection, Office desks CAD collection, Outdoor bins CAD collection,

Post & Rail Fencing CAD Collection, Prohibition signs CAD collection,

3D Reception desks CAD collection, Reception desks CAD collection,

Safety signs CAD collection, Sun Loungers CAD collection , Symbols legend CAD collection,

Tables CAD collection , uPVC Windows CAD collection , Urban seats CAD collection,

Urinals CAD collection , valves symbols  CAD collection , Vegetation CAD collection,

Vertical radiators CAD collection , 3D wall and table lamps collection ,

3D Wardrobe 3D CAD collection , Wood burning stoves CAD collection and
Wooden driveway gates CAD collection.

Model Specifications
Model # sku-6955_6955
Animated # No
Materials # No
Rigged # No
Textures # No
UV Mapped # No

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